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Warning: Due to work pressures in other areas of our lives, GRPC is not currently trading as a business. However, these website pages are being kept on the internet for the benefit of anyone who finds them useful. Please note, however, that the website is no longer being updated and the information contained in many areas of this site may no longer be correct because of legal and other changes. Therefore, readers should not rely on the information contained on this site - but should instead supplement their reading of this site with their own research and/or the taking of independent advice.


We hope you will find our website interesting and informative. We also welcome any feedback on how we can improve the website.



E-mail: info@GoldenRoofProperty.com

Please note that our webpages are only designed to give a basic outline of the areas covered and while believed to be accurate, should not be relied upon in themselves as they inevitably contain generalisations, opinion and summary. The fact sheets are therefore not a substitute for obtaining professional advice about the detailed circumstances of a client’s case.


If you want to reproduce any of the material on our website for private purposes, or create a link to our site, feel free to do so. But reproduction or copying for business purposes requires our permission to avoid copyright infringement.


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