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Our Founding Team | Golden Roof Property Consultancy

Our Founding Team

Simon Williams studied law at University College London and then qualified as a lawyer (barrister). After a short period in private practice, he entered government service for 17 years before retiring to pursue his property-related interests. Simon’s last government posting was at the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) where he was a Senior Director responsible for some of the OFT’s most important enforcement cases designed to ensure fair trading by businesses. While at the OFT, Simon frequently appeared in press and television reports to talk about the OFT’s work (see here for an example:
Simon has been investing in residential property for over 15 years and he now owns numerous properties in London and a number of university cities throughout the UK. He has a particular interest in Cambridge, which he considers to have one of the best combinations of rental yield and capital growth potential in the UK. Simon’s investment philosophy is centered on getting the best price through hard negotiation, maximising rental yield and, where possible, adding value to property by extension and refurbishment. Simon is an adept negotiator, a skill acquired throughout his time in government service and in his property dealings. He also prides himself on being highly trusted by all those he works with and advises. Simon is a native of the UK and lives in London and Surrey. His wife is Chinese and he is a regular visitor to China.
Mingjun Zhao, is an experienced architect. After graduating from the University of Zhengzhou, Henan, China, Mingjun worked as an architect for the City of Nanyang Planning and Design Institute before arriving in the UK in 1999 to pursue a masters degree in Architecture at the famous Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow, UK. Mingjun then worked for various architectural practices, most recently specialising in large hospital projects. Mingjun takes a keen interest in property investment, as well as design. Although resident in the UK, she naturally retains strong family and cultural links with China and travels there frequently. She is a native Mandarin speaker and also speaks and writes English to a high standard.
Jack Zhang, Jack gained a BA degree in 2008 from the University of Oxford, one of the leading universities in the world.
He has always been passionate about property and started investing in real estate in both China and the UK in 2008. He now owns and manages multiple investment properties in the UK and through careful investment, his properties have benefited from strong price and rental appreciation. In particular, Jack has a thorough understanding of the accommodation requirements of students and how investment in this area can generate the highest returns. This, combined with his extensive knowledge of university towns such as Oxford, Cambridge, and many parts of London coupled with his deep understanding of Chinese students’ needs and aspirations, makes Jack an ideal adviser for clients seeking to invest near to universities.
Jack has also been employed by Oxbridge applications as an applications consultant, and has provided one-to-one guidance for Asian students on strategies for gaining entry into universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and LSE. He has provided personal statement advice and interview training which has proved invaluable for students wishing to study at these leading universities. These services can be provided to our clients if required, either with or without property investment.
Danni Fan, Danni, whose family is based in China, first came to the UK as an A level student in 2003. She then gained a place at Oxford University, graduating with an honours degree in Biochemistry. She has worked under the leadership of a number of prestigious academics, conducting pioneering research in several leading laboratories and was selected as the face of her current research institute for 2009. 
Danni has extensive experience in advising Chinese students in the areas of Visa application, A level studies, personal statement writing, and interview techniques which has helped many gain entry into world class universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Imperial College. She has also been advising several Chinese visa agencies and UK Career consultancies such as The Social Mobility Foundation. (
Danni has also put her first class intellect to good use in the sphere of property investment, combining this with her studies and scientific research. As a result, she has become experienced in assisting Chinese students and their families in locating desirable rental properties and the sourcing of tenants. Where needed, Danni can also provide wider advice on university access issues.